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Hi I’m Mimi. I’m a doodlefairy and I live in a cosy sketchbook in a lovely art studio. You can also find me dancing in prints, posing on greetings cards and playing in posters. I have lots of fun hobbies and my blog is dedicated to sharing my arts & crafts with you. Each week I'll show you the things I've been doing, which could be anything from making cupcakes to folding origami butterflies. Thank you very much for visiting, have a fairy lovely day. Kiss Kiss Mimi xx

Monday, 24 August 2009

How does a doodlefairy travel?

by envelope of course! xx


  1. Acabo de conocer tu pantano y me encanta ...... PERO QUE ilustraciones tan preciosassssss ..... te seguiré de cerca. Besos.

  2. Just found this other blog of yours Cally, she's adorable!

  3. Very adorable fairy, I very like her. ^^

  4. Maravilloso este mundo lleno de colores y magia ..
    Te sigo y persigo, vamos, no te pierdo la pista ..
    Que preciosidad .. todo .. todo ..
    Por cierto, podria usar alguna de tus imágenes en mi blog? .. Saber Hazmelo plis y dime dónde podria Adquirir alguna ilustración, etc

  5. So cute. I am wordless....
    Travel by envelope. Wow! Superb!!!